Gas Hot Water Systems

Gas Hot Water Systems Central Coast


A gas hot water system is cheaper than a solar or a heat pump system, which makes it a viable option if you don’t have much in the way of a budget. What’s more, it is also a greener choice: a gas hot water system has about 25 to 33 percent less greenhouse gas emissions when compared to electric tank-based systems.

To install a gas hot water system, you need to be connected to a natural gas pipeline. If not, you will be using bottled liquefied petroleum gas or LPG to run your hot water system. Do note that your running costs will be higher if you use LPG. Either way, you will need the help of your local plumber to install a gas hot water system. That’s because you need the right license, not to mention sufficient knowledge and skills training, to be able to perform such a job safely. Your local plumber will also be able to provide you with a Certificate of Compliance, so you can rest assured that your gas hot water system is compliant with all the regulations.

Another advantage of hiring a local plumber to install your gas hot water system is that they can give you solid advice on which kind to use. For example, your local plumber can recommend a gas-boosted solar hot water system if you live somewhere that has access to a natural gas pipeline and at the same enough hour of sunshine. This will not only lead to even lower greenhouse gas emissions but also an even lower energy consumption and utility bill.

Working with a local plumber also results in an even lower installation cost. It might sound counterintuitive, since you are hiring a professional, but local plumbers will definitely know the most ideal location to place the gas hot water system in order to minimise the need for additional pipes as well as heat loss. This will drive down the cost of both the installation and operation of your hot water system.

You can also count on your local plumbers to inspect and repair your gas hot water systems. If they are the same ones who installed your system, then all the better because they are already the people you trust. What’s more, they are already familiar with your home’s layout and pipe network so they can perform a quicker and more efficient job.

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A gas hot water system costs about <amount> to <amount>, and your local plumber will charge you a fixed rate of anywhere between <amount> and <amount> or a per-hour rate of about <amount> to <amount> for installation. Make sure to ask if there are any additional costs that are not included in the original price quotation, such as extra pipes or insulation.

For inspections, repairs, maintenance work, and parts replacement, the going fixed rate is about <amount> to <amount>, while the per hour rate ranges from <amount> to <amount>. Again, clarify with the plumber whether everything is already included in the cost estimate or there are any additional costs that will come later.


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